Tell Us About Your Work!

If you’ve written a lesbian (or bi female) historical book then we want to know about it and we’d be thrilled to review it.

Just email Nan Hawthorne on hawthorne at nanhawthorne dot com  to let us know.  We will need an accessible copy of the book, as Nan is bisually impaired.    Any test to speech enable file will work.

By historical we mean purely that.

We will also publish excerpts, interviews, guest posts.  We embrace this opportunity for you to promote your work where readers can come and learn about it.

If in doubt, just ask.



4 Responses to “Tell Us About Your Work!”

  1. Libby Cone Says:


    I just found your mention of my book, War on the Margins, on a routine search. The links are to the out-of-print paperback edition. This is the UK hardcover (paperback to follow this August) link:

    This is the link to the US Kindle edition:(paperback coming in August also):

    Please send me an address to send a review copy.

  2. lauren Says:

    Hello there,

    I wrote Relief, which you’ve kindly included on your site!

    I’d love to send you a review copy. Where shall I send it?

    Kind regards,
    Lauren Butler (L.E. Butler)

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